April, Closing The Chapter

Behind The Scenes

We have just got back from a mini adventure in the Brecon Beacons and Tweed adored every minute. It was full of hiking, exploring, good food and of course my camera came for some little projects. 

I love the Brecon Beacons, it has always felt like a home away from home. Whilst we were there the satnav took us on a ‘shortcut’ (does anyone else’s satnav try to take them down lanes the width of a pencil?) through a very narrow country lane. About 1/2 a mile along we came across the B&B my family had stayed at on our very first trip to the Brecon Beacons – years ago. That holiday was the moment where photography became a true passion and I fell in love with agriculture. I loved that little reminder as we drove past. In truth, it was my favourite part of our adventure.

April started with a Rural Moments photoshoot in the New Forest. My clients travel down to the New Forest each year as a family for a holiday getaway and I was invited to capture them all together in their favourite place. It was so much fun; surrounded by wild ponies, beautiful views and some very big puddles. I cannot wait to share the photographs we took together very soon.

Whilst I was in the New Forest, I spent the afternoon capturing the wild ponies. It was going so well until.. I tripped at the end of a bridge and landed camera first into a pile of mud that was waiting on the other side for me. It was then time for a not so glamorous walk to the car, with many a weird looks, to find some spare clothes, before heading straight back out again.

Did you have a great Easter? Mine was a messy hair and old clothes vibe. With lots of DIY, lots of gardening and maybe a little chocolate… ok a lot of chocolate!


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