Christmas Photography Top Tips

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Christmas time is filled with family traditions. Whether that be letters to Santa, decorating the tree or Christmas morning breakfast.

As we dive into the holiday season, remember to take a few seconds to document these precious family moments. Quickly snap a photo, before putting your phone down and continuing the festivities. These photos do not have to be works of art, instead just quick snapshots to document the fun. These photos will keep that moment safe for you to revisit over and over again.


Tap, Focus, Click 📱
Master the art of tapping on your phone screen to focus. This ensures that the main subject – be it a beautifully wrapped gift or a loved one in a Santa hat – is crystal clear. Don’t let your phone guess where to focus; take control and tap!

Hold Steady for Sharp Photos 📌 
Phone cameras love stability; so be sure to hold your phone steady. If you’re taking a group photo or a festive scene, use a nearby surface or a mini tripod to eliminate any shake.

Think about Light 💡 
Use the built-in HDR mode for balanced exposures in tricky lighting. The twinkling lights and candles will shine, and your phone will capture the Christmas ambiance effortlessly. Just avoid using if photographing movement.

Portrait Mode Magic 🎄
Explore your phone’s portrait mode. This feature can create a beautiful ‘depth of field’, making your subject stand out against a blurred background. Perfect for highlighting the star on top of the tree or that plate of cookies!

Edit on the Go ✨
Elevate your photos with on-the-spot editing. Many phones offer quick and easy editing tools apps. My favourite is Snapseed. Adjust brightness, add a touch of warmth, and play with contrast to make your Christmas moments pop! 


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