Ginger & Jardine

Behind The Scenes

Autumn began with the loveliest Rural Business Photoshoot with Ginger & Jardine, capturing their newest range of clothing. G&J invited previous customers of their’s to model the clothing, customers that already loved and knew the brand inside out – making them naturals in front of the camera. We had the best afternoon with dogs, tractors, tea & even homemade cake – which I must ask the recipe for.

If you haven’t yet heard of Ginger & Jardine, you have been missing out.

Renowned for their comfortable & durable clothing made from Bamboo based fabrics, that are both stylish and affordable for the active country lifestyle lover.

Lynne, the founder, was born, raised and is still based in rural Suffolk. With a background in farming & horse riding, Lynne launched G&J after becoming frustrated with being unable to find clothing that offered comfort, durability, style and affordability for her country life. As the business grew, Lynne’s daughter Emma joined G&J.

Emma & Lynne

The fabric used is carefully sourced and bamboo based; resulting in clothes that are super soft, antibacterial, thermo controlling, moisture wicking and sustainable. G&J work with small family-run businesses (majority UK based), where techniques and skills are handed down through the generations, to manufacture the clothes.

Interested in shopping the range? They have a number of stockists that you can find HERE.


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