Why you should book that second, third and fourth Family Photoshoot…

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The Reasons Why:

Captures Life Changes:

So much can change in a year. First steps, new home, new additions. By having multiple photoshoots you create a beautiful collection of ‘photographs throughout the years’, for you to enjoy and for your children to carry with them.

Everyone Together:

Having a photoshoot ensures that everyone is in front of the camera. It’s very rare to get everyone in one photo – with someone stuck behind the camera. Let that person be me, so that you can all be together. Invite relatives that live far away. Photoshoots are so much fun, let it become a family tradition and bring everyone together. Although hard to think about, you never know when the last chance for a family photoshoot might be – whether it be the loss of a dearly loved family member, or an adored pet. It is important to not miss your opportunity.

Home Decor:

Create a beautiful photo wall in your home. Update every year with family memories from your photoshoot, family holiday or special occasion. Every time you see the wall a different photo will catch your eye and you will be momentarily transported right to that very moment. Having a photoshoot every year or so, is also the perfect opportunity to create gifts for family members that maybe live too far away for you to see often.

My absolute all time favourite photoshoots – are ones where I have been welcomed back by a family who I have photographed the previous year or so ago. It is always so lovely to catch up with everyone, and capture their new life chapter.

Poppy was one of my very first clients. We first met when I captured her dogs, Duke & Fin, at a local park whilst her daughter Jess – only a couple of weeks old at the time, was asleep in a baby carrier. Since then I’ve captured Poppy & her family every couple of years – Jess growing up with her younger sister Ellie, their lifestyle and animal family.

Poppy left the kindest testimonial after our most recent photoshoot together.

“If you are looking for a photographer who will capture the most precious memories you could imagine, look no further than Lucy Newson.

Lucy made my whole family feel at ease on the day. Theres not many people who could deal with two toddlers, dogs, horses and chicks and not come away in a flap however Lucy was completely at ease with the madness and managed to capture the magic in the moments. 

I will forever treasure these photographs and there’s no one else I would recommend.”


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