Exmoor Adventures

Behind The Scenes

This summer I took a road trip down to Exmoor (Tweed joined the adventure) where over the two days I hosted 3 canine photoshoots (one of which included the most adorable kitten called Percy) and a family photoshoot for a family who had flown over from the US to celebrate their Dad’s 80th Birthday.

Bethan (the owner of Breeze & Otter – Tweed’s mother and sister) very kindly invited Tweed and I to stay with her whilst I was there. It was very special to have Tweed spend time with his family – and we got this cracking photo which gives me such a good laugh. Look at the sheer size of Tweed! It instantly reminds me of Buddy The Elf, you know, from the Christmas movie?

Otter, Breeze & Tweed

The first photoshoot of my trip was with Bethan and her dogs. Alongside Otter & Breeze, Bethan has Flo and Ivy the working cockers and Pip the labrador. Quickly followed by a photoshoot with Katie and her handsome working cocker spaniel called Murphy. We were all treated to the most beautiful sunset and used the changing light to capture a range of special moments. The photoshoot finished with a tasty meal at the local pub chatting the evening away – mainly focused on all things dogs, of course.

The following day I visited Sarah, Jack the sprocker spaniel and Percy the kitten – who had the most piercing blue eyes. Together we captured the relationship between them all, in one of their favourite places; their garden.


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