June & July, Closing The Chapters

Behind The Scenes

This time of year is always the busiest. With the beautiful sunrises, long grass and warm summer evenings; how could it not be? Although we have had our fair share of rain this July haven’t we?!

Despite needing to reschedule a few photoshoots because of the wet weather and thunderstorms, June & July have been full to the brim of capturing the most magical moments. Including a road trip to Exmoor (of course Tweed came with me) where in just 2 days I hosted 3 canine photoshoots (one of which included the cutest kitten called Percy) and a family who had flown over from the US to Exmoor to celebrate their Dad’s 80th Birthday. I am ending July freelancing for Melody Fisher Photography for two days at Brook Farm, in Essex, for a Dressage event.

I have hosted a number of Photographer Mentorship sessions. From power hours, to half day zoom sessions, to a Western Style Equine Sunset Photoshoot. Together we covered photoshoot packages, products, editing, time management, work-life balance, camera settings, lighting, workflows, pricing, self confidence and so much more.

Behind the scenes, I have been updating my website, and the Equine & Family pages are both complete, so be sure to click on the page links above to have a quick read. I have also updated my Outfit Inspiration Pinterest boards, that are sent to all photoshoot clients to provide inspiration for what they could wear during their photoshoot.

In the evenings I have been freelancing for a large photography studio, assisting with their editing whilst they also power through their busiest months of the year.

My latest article all about Mailing Lists (how they are a brilliant marketing tool for all small business owners), is in the current issue of Professional Photo Magazine. I have never quite got used to seeing my words and images in print, and I get very excited when I see them.

I have also officially booked my Associateship Qualification date for this Autumn! For the qualification I need to curate a panel of images and provide supporting evidence to be displayed alongside. The photographs are reviewed in print by a panel of judges, who will decide if I am to be awarded an Associateship (the next level after a Licentiateship, which I was awarded in 2020).


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