March, Closing The Chapter

Behind The Scenes

Ok hands up, who got caught out by Fools Spring?

I’m sitting here waving two hands manically in the air. Oh I was so excited about the sunshine and warm weather when it briefly arrived. I’ve already set far too many seeds, that are now all in pots on my windowsills. We’ve had snow, rain, a little more rain, and a lot of cloud. Perfect weather for ducks though eh!

March is my birthday month, so is , of course, one of my favourite months of the year. I had a truly lovely birthday, and as a little treat to myself decided it was time for a new hair style. I have adored ginger/auburn/copper hair for so so long, that I decided it was time for a little change.

The month kicked off with an incredible Photographer Mentorship Day over Zoom. I mentored and worked with Karina O’Neill Family Photography, and had the best day. It felt very special; as Karina was spending a month in South Africa, it was my first International Mentorship Day!

Karina left the kindest testimonial of her experience;

โ€œLucy – thank you! I was lost and now I’m not! Thanks to you I have a solid plan and a clearer vision. I’m ready to take action without feeling overwhelmed and completely stuck.

Your mentorship was excellent – you tailored it to me and you came well prepared. Throughout the day I felt like you really wanted to help me. It’s obvious that you are enjoying mentoring others.

I’m very glad I decided to invest in my business and that I chose YOU as my mentor.

Karina โ€œ

I’ve had Creative Calls with my clients this month, in preparation for their Spring Photoshoots. Together we jump onto a zoom call, phone call, or meet for a coffee if we are nearby. We discuss outfits, locations, their dream photographs that they would like captured, how to prepare for photoshoot day and so much more. It means that on photoshoot day we are ready to hit the ground running.

I have also completed lots of behind-the-scenes tasks for the Online Course that I will be launching soon… Capturing Your Own Moments. How exciting!

Did you visit Crufts this year? Unfortunately I was unable to attend, so instead Tweed and I watched all of the footage from Gundog Day on Youtube whilst I finished creating the March Edition of the Rural Journal, and completed a few admin tasks.


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