Louise, Leigh & Lottie

Client Love

2023 kicked off with the most amazing photoshoot in January; Louise & Leigh reached out wanting photographs of their newborn daughter Lottie (only 13 days old on the day of the photoshoot), at home with their animal family. We had a magical couple of hours capturing the family together.

Louise & Leigh have an equestrian smallholding in Surrey along with their daughter Lottie, dog Flinn, 4 matching driving cobs, Hugo the naughty driving pony, 4 goats, rescue hens and Toby the tortoise.

In 2020, just before lockdown, they took the plunge and moved to the countryside; where Louise started a search for a horse to keep their 9 acres down and occasionally ride. It just so happened that the same horse that took them to their wedding, back in 2018, was up for sale! They had stayed in touch with their wedding carriage driver Ben Turner, who sold them Wallace, a 12 year old ride and drive cob. With lots of help and guidance from their late friend Ben, they enjoyed driving at weekends and Leigh got the driving bug after taking Wallace to Windsor Horse show that year. When their other wedding horse, Mary, was up for sale – they jumped at the chance to bring her to their smallholding. Then came little Hugo, a miniature cob, followed by Dan and the recent newbie Jim. Their ultimate dream is to drive their team of 4 together at Windsor Horse Show, and they hope Lottie will one day learn to drive with Hugo.

You can follow their journey on;

Instagram: lous_surrey_smallholding

Facebook: Charlwood Cobs & Carriages


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