My Journey To Becoming A Photographer

Behind The Scenes

The reason I got my first camera wasn’t to take photographs…⁠

When I was little we would go on holiday as a family and go on lots of hikes. I loved the holidays but not so much the uphill walking… I had short legs and struggled to keep up!

My Dad loves photography, and would stop on the walks to capture the view. I quickly learned that if Dad was taking photos, we would take a break and sit down… interesting … It wasn’t long before I had a camera in my hand, and was finding every rock the ‘perfect photographic subject’ ; we took a lot of breaks from that day on!⁠

The irony is I now LOVE hiking and am always planning trips away. Oh and a camera will be in my bag, but not just to be used as an excellent excuse for a break!

After completing A Levels….

I applied to do work experience with Carmel Jane Photography; a photography studio in Essex focused on dance, schools and event photography. After the work experience I never left and took on a permanent position; becoming a Professional Photographer and Commercial Editor.

I absolutely loved it!

It was where I learnt how to edit and developed my photography skills – the perfect introduction into the industry. 
However, I constantly craved being outdoors and around animals. I am a very firm believer that life is short, and I wanted to be in my ‘happy place’. It was therefore this craving that pushed me to start Lucy Newson Photography. and work as an Equine & Canine Photographer full time.

Employee headshots taken when I worked at Carmel Jane Photography

Lucy Newson Photography (LNP)

Officially self employed, LNP began, specialising in Equine & Canine Portraiture Photography. Combining my love and knowledge of our four-legged friends, I captured the close relationship between owners and animals. I adored my new career and quickly settled in; with highlights including achieving my Licentiateship with The British Institute of Professional Photography, and having a trade stand at Olympia London International Horse Show.

As my photography style developed I realised that I was leaving each photoshoot feeling as if I’d only just scratched the surface of this relationship between owner and animal. What about their home, lifestyle and family – their full story. I realised that I wanted to capture families who live in the countryside with their animals; I wanted to capture breakfast time as the children sped through their cereal with the family dog at their heels waiting for a titbit. I wanted to capture the day’s work on the farm followed by a glorious evening sunset and toasted marshmallows around the bonfire. And so The Rural Lifestyle Photographer was born.


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