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In May last year, I travelled down to Dorset to capture Jemma and her family on their smallholding; A Rural Moments Photoshoot. 

Jemma runs The Dorset Chicken Co; a specialist breeder of multicoloured egg laying hens, with her daughter (and chief egg collector) Lottie. Their flock started after Jemma fell in love with the range of different coloured eggs she kept seeing on Instagram. Struggling to find anywhere to get her hands on the right mix of breeds or hatching eggs to buy in to build her own mixed flock, Jemma went and bought lots of different batches of hatching eggs to be able to breed her very own ‘rainbow egg’ laying flock. She now sells both point-of-lay hens and hatching eggs with breeds including; Exchequer Leghorn and Cream Legbars. 

Alongside their feathered friends, which include two geese, they have Cookie the coloured cob rescue pony & Lottie’s Welsh Section A called Dolly, their dogs Daisy, Dottie & Bert and Brazil the cat.

Jemma left the kindest testimonial;

“Lucy’s photography first caught my eye on Instagram; when she’d photographed some families that I’d enjoyed following for a while.

I was blown away by her style. She captured such emotion and happiness in the most normal of situations. I couldn’t wait to book in a shoot with her. To document our life at home as a family, with all our animals included. Lucy made the booking process simple and was on hand to answer questions and consult on what we’d like to include and wear on the day.

She put us at ease throughout the day and we had a great time chatting away and laughing at the antics of our toddler and the animals. When the photos came back we were taken aback. We knew they were going to be good, and that Lucy captured some of the moments that we find happiness in everyday. But to have them preserved in a photo is very special.

We can’t wait to have her back again as our family gets older and recreate those happy memories all over again.”

You can find Jemma on Instagram as @dorset_diaries and @thedorsetchickenco.


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