Is it me you’re looking for?


You may be wondering if I’m the perfect photographer for you and your family.

You’ve always wanted a photoshoot of your family. Time is flying by, and the children are growing up so quickly. You wish that you could just press the pause button to take in everything around you and replay all over again. You ask your friends for photographer recommendations, scroll through Instagram profiles, take a quick peek on Google and are left feeling completely overwhelmed with which photographer to choose.

Can you relate?

Don’t worry. There is the perfect photographer out there for everybody!

When booking a photoshoot, it is vital that you connect with your photographer. They should put you at ease, fill you with confidence, and you must LOVE their photographic style (Hint. For this, take a look at their portfolio; do you fall in love with the images? Do you want all of the images on your wall?).

“I strive to become good friends with my clients. Building a relationship that lasts many years. Following their journey and capturing the magic.”

So, I guess the question is… Is it me you’re looking for?

I am your photographer if you are dreaming of…

… a photographer who will take the time to get to know you all.

I want to know what your dog’s favourite food is and what your children wish to be when they are older. It is important details like these that allow me to curate photographs that will resonate with you forever.

… your ‘everyday magic’ to be captured.

So, your children love to build a fort with the sofa cushions, your husband has a car in the garage he spends his spare time fixing and you love to sit in your window seat with a cup of tea and a good book.

I want to capture it all for you.

As we grow older, it is these everyday moments that we want to remember and share (especially as the world is changing so quickly!). For your grandchildren to show their children what Great Grandma and Great Grandpa loved to get up to – is there anything more special?

… a Luxury Hand-Held Experience.

It isn’t just about the photoshoot!

I want to look after my clients through the entire experience… from our initial phone calls and creation call where we get to know each other, to when we meet for your photoshoot and all the way through to your Viewing Session where we design albums and frames for your home (your family heirlooms in waiting). Never wanting my clients to feel unsure of the next steps.. I will hold your hand throughout the experience.

… time.

Is there a greater gift? In this fast paced world, time is what we all wish for. I gift my clients the ability to press the pause button; with peace of mind that their most precious moments are being protected forever.

… the images to be perfectly you.

My mission is to capture memories that are perfectly you. I want my clients to feel completely at ease, and to almost forget that I am even there. No awkward posing. A photoshoot with me, is filled with fun, laughter and natural moments. Photographs that feel just right.

So… Is it me you’re looking for?


Yay! I can’t wait to start chatting. My number is 07495 328578, just give me a call.


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