Rural Lifestyle


An all encompassing bespoke photoshoot experience, tailored to you and your family.

Capturing everything that makes you, you.

From letting the animals out at sunrise all the way through the day as the land is farmed, the vegetable plots and orchards are tended too and the children play, with maybe an impromptu picnic in the garden.  A special and creative photoshoot unlike any other.


Included in the experience is a;


Creation Call

A phone or zoom call, where we can get to know each other, plan outfits, discuss your photoshoot dreams and make them a reality.


1-3 Days  Photoshoot


In-Person Viewing Session


Bespoke 12 inch album

My hope is that this set of images stays within a family for many decades so that generation after generation can look back and know what their loved ones created for them and going forward. 


Rural Moments




Creation Call

2 Hour Photoshoot

In-Person PrivateViewing Session

16 inch frame


To find out more about these two incredible photoshoot experiences, or to receive a products price list, please call the studio on 07495 328578.


What happens if it is raining on the day of my photoshoot?

As the majority of photoshoots I run are outdoors, I spend a lot of time checking the weather forecast! If rain is due on the day of your photoshoot, I will call or email a few days before to rearrange (at no extra charge).  Similarly, if it rains unexpectedly on the day of your photoshoot, I will be in touch to discuss options and look at either rearranging for later on in the day, or another date (at no extra charge).

What outfits should I bring for my photoshoot?

Once you have booked in, I will send you links to some outfit and styling guides which should help to give you inspiration. Aim to coordinate with your horse’s colouring but avoid too much pattern as this can be distracting. You should have enough time for 3-4 outfit changes, so bring lots of different clothing items with you so we can experiment with different combinations. Don’t forget those accessories! An important necklace, for example, can give your photographs that extra special meaning. You are also more than welcome to give me a phone call or Skype call so that I can help with any questions.

My yard is quite small, will we still be able to get good photographs?

To capture incredible photographs, you only need very small areas. Some of the most unlikely spaces at your yard can make the perfect backdrop; a brick wall, field, stable, flower bed – the opportunities are endless. Every yard can be the perfect setting for a photoshoot.

My pony is very cheeky. What happens if they don’t behave during the photoshoot?

Every horse and pony is different. Some hate standing still, others love it. Some are confident and others shy. I pride myself on tailoring every photoshoot to meet the client and their horse’s/pony’s needs. I love to capture their cheekiness and personality. We can take it one step at a time, and if your equine needs a break or a treat stop, that is not a problem! We will work at their pace.